My Journey Is About To Begin...

2 Weeks and a bit until my journey across the US, Canada Coast to Coast & Kenya starts πŸ•‰

Explore with me as I travel in my hippie mini van with my camper kit to beautiful places that have high vortex energy, ancient and sacred teachings, as I explore yoga studios and share what they have to offer, as I go into schools to connect with the children and the teens to share yoga & my book, Let Your Light Shine, which I hope to finish by April 1 πŸ•‰

My message as I travel is Oneness, Community, exploring what True Yoga is, Why we even practice yoga and what the benefits are πŸ•‰

As I connect with the kids my focus will be on helping them to realize that they are not their emotions that fluctuate from moment to moment and sometimes seem to take over their life πŸ•‰

I will also address bullying which unfortunately affects many. Also, in this day and age of so much business and technology, so many feel alone, disconnected, misunderstood and they are trying to fit in and find their way and lack communication and social skills πŸ•‰

It is my journey to share my life struggles and the abuse I went through, the living on the streets and how I basically overcame anything that life threw at me and we all have this power to πŸ•‰

Deep down we all have profound questions like why are we here, what’s the purpose of this life, how do I find happiness, how do I stop all of this pain and suffering and is there something greater than me that exists πŸ•‰

I don’t have the answers to all of these nor do I believe there is one path, but I can definitely share my experiences and the teachings that have been shared with me and some pathways that each of you can use so that you may explore yourself and find your own answers, your own truth πŸ•‰

For years I have also ponder the idea of filming a documentary on what True Yoga is. These travels will also mark the beginning of that πŸ•‰

Each day I will share some yoga and why I have chosen the places I have, so come explore with me. Stay tuned here or like me on Instagram at which is also on my website where you can stay up-to-date as to where I will be and at any time you can also feel free to join me on this journey and this movement of trust, letting go, surrendering & sharing of unconditional love, Namaste πŸ•‰