Yoga with Stacey

Stacey L.A. Sinclair is a 200 Hour RYT Hatha Instructor. She travels to India every year or two to study at The Centre of Self Realization with Gurumatha Amma and then she bring back yoga's ancient teachings for today's modern world.

She has been teaching students for almost ten years in many locations in Ontario, Lake Louise, and the US and she loves the transformations she has witnessed in her self and her students. She is very grateful for the opportunity to guide her students on their path and for each student's individual uniqueness and experience's.  

Zen Stacey is how her students often refer to her. Her classes focus on journeying inward, quieting the body, mind and connecting with our true self. Stacey reads each class and teaches what she feels the students need in that moment. She is all about Oneness, Unconditional Love and Community. Come enjoy a class, a week-end retreat or a journey with her to India and other locations globally to explore and experience yoga. 

What should you expect in a class with Stacey? She'll offer something different each time. Some classes you will flow, others she will challenge you with some power yoga, or some classes will be zen in a candlelit yin class.

Stacey also teaches some Iyengar Yoga and in every class she makes time for mudras, pranayama (breath work), some kirtan (singing) and meditation. She ends with a soothing savasana where she may sing you a song while playing her guitar, she may play some healing bowls, offer an adjustment or guide you in yoga nidra.  

Classes Offered

Join me at Surround Circle Yoga, 15 Aylmer Ave in Glebe At the Southminster United Church.

To find the studio, go to west side of the building, enter on Galt Street and come up to the top floor.

Classes will resume in September for a session of 12 Weeks which goes from September 18 to December 4.

Classes are offered on Wednesdays:
Children's Yoga (ages 7-12) 4-5 p.m.
Tao-Yoga-Mindfulness 6-7:15 p.m.

Classes are 12 week session and we need a minimum of 10 students registered for each class. The fee is $150 for the children’s yoga and $180 for the adults. Please register your space below or contact me.

Drop ins are $20 and only available if the classes has the minimum amount of students required to run it for 12 Weeks.

In all classes offered, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to secure your space, to allow for socializing, a zen space and a start time that honours everyone's schedule. Please dress comfortably and bring your mat, strap, block and smile.

Massages and Wellness Treatments are also offered at this location on Wednesdays, as well as monthly gatherings.

Please check under Events to see what other classes, workshops and retreats I will offer, as these are always changing and being updated.

Full Moon Classes:

Please check back soon for these classes.

Commonly Asked Questions and Misconceptions....

  • I'm not flexible, I can't do yoga..... This is all the more reason you should attend a yoga class. The goal is not to become a pretzel or to be the most flexible in the class. A goal could be to feel more comfortable in your body. A regular practice helps keep your muscles strong yet relaxed. It helps your joints stay lubricated and helps you to release tension that get stored in the body. Yoga also helps us be more in-tuned with ourself. So bottom line, if you can breathe, you can do yoga, come try a class.

  • What should I wear? Something that is comfortable, not revealing and allows you to be flexible.

  • I can't do a lot of the poses..... Yoga is about listening to what your body needs and is able to do. A teacher is merely a guide. You shouldn't feel pain in a class and you should always tune in to what feels right for you. There is lots of modifications for each pose and you can also do alternate poses or rest at anytime and re-join the flow when it feels right. Yoga creates a safe space to explore. Yoga is not competitive. Instead of seeing what others can or can't do, you are encouraged to focus on your practice.

  • Yoga is a religion..... Yoga can be classified as a way of life, a science or a spiritual practice. People from all walks of life, young and old practice yoga. Yoga is about free will. Loving all. Connecting with all that's in existence. Yoga guides us to be more conscientious and for some this takes them to other realms. For others it's a way to relax, unwind and connect with their breath. For others its an avenue to decrease pain, increase energy, a way to heal and a way to gain clarity and focus. Yoga teaches us to be happy and grateful with the simplicity in life. Yoga is a path to tune into the subtle, to quiet our mind and live from our heart.