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Varsha Pandya - Nairobi

I loved Stacey's massage and look forward to many more. The cleanliness and the ambience are in my memory and I am so relaxed after my sessions. I love the soft music, the silence and her tender touch. Her hands are healing and she takes me on a journey. I love the lavender herbal tea after my masage. Thank you, Stacey. We must do this more often. It lifts the spirit within…


Lynn Savoie - Casselman

I have been treated by Stacey for many years with massage and craniosacral work and look forward to her treatments as I know relief is just around the corner. Stacey is such a fountain of information and treatments are great. Her sessions are a true asset to your wellbeing! Keep up the great work. 


Suzanne & David Lambert - Casselman

Dave and I have been seeing Stacey for our regular deep tissue massages and craniosacral for several years and feel much better. We each have verry different needs, which Stacey understood immediately. Dave suffers with a rotator cuff injury, lower back and jaw issues which Stacey has helped with. She also teaches us how to stretch and release tension naturally. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis, and her massages help me a lot. I look forward to my weekly sessions with my Zen Stacey as her massages are healing and she instinctively reads my body and knows where and what needs attention. She is amazing as she not only treats your symptoms but can teach your mind how to relax to the max. Stacey also creates an essential oil spray blend for a foot issue I have and it works wonders. Although we have used other massage therapist, none have been as intuitive in helping us know what is best for our body and mind which has brought us more balance in our lives. Thank you Stacey, for being such an amazing person and for helping us reach a higher level of relaxation, you are beautiful in all ways.


Kathryn Baker Reed - Brantford

Stacey is a loving soul with a wealth of experience, wisdom, talent and passion for people and wellness. She is always engaged in self-awareness and skills training, and my family benefits from her talents on a regular basis. Stacey offers options without pressure and respects our limits.  I feel safe in her care and love her services. Stacey is a rare soul - I strongly recommend her and her services!





Tim Ruddy - Rockland

I've been a client for over ten years now and I won't see anyone else other than Stacey. As a full time firefighter and recreational hockey player, my body sees a regular amount of strain and hard work. Stacey has consistently been able to work with me to help me through those times of injury or when I'm just feeling tired and sore. I love that she offers two hour massages. These therapeutic sessions just don’t stop at the end of the allotted time. She always takes the time afterwards to discuss how I feel and to recommend any exercises or stretching that I should continue to do to help my recovery. When it comes time for my relaxing massage part, I can honestly say I’ve fallen asleep on the table on more than one occasion from pure relaxation. She has always been a very positive and happy person that helps to make you feel more comfortable during your visit. A positive energy that just always seems to be there. It’s not a job, it’s a passion. This is something you notice with each visit; I can’t say enough good things about her sessions, see for yourself, you'll become a regular like me. 



Marie-Claire Thauvette, B.A., B.Ed. - Kanata

From the first time I met Stacey I could see and feel that she had healing hands and a warm heart. Her knowledge as yoga and meditation teacher never ceases to impress me. She is a gifted teacher and massage therapist.



Alain Savage - Limoges

With Stacey, I have received benefits from her riverside yoga classes, meditation techniques, kirtan, community days and her wonderful massages for over five years now. This is the reason I continue to invest with her. Even the greeting and discussions leads to more blessings. She is very professional. The magic is the presence of someone who sincerely cares with a loving motive in helping you with your body, mind, and spirit. Her location in Riceville is a quiet, scenic drive in the country where you will feel relaxed and open to let love and peace invade the occasion. At Yogalaya, I feel very cared for and nourished. I leave with an experience, a feeling of unconditional love which I keep in every moment in between my rendez-vous.... I now have a beautiful knowing that, intentions, stamped with love, can make a huge difference in our thoughts, for the body and the spirit in every present moment! Merci Stacey! Thank you for being you and thank you for constantly challenging love as a way of living! Un simple câlin, à l'infini!

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Bev McCullough - Russell

With many years of service in the military, I have lots of aches and pains that need attention. I have been going to Stacey now for about ten years. She impressed me initially with her anatomy and physiology knowledge. I always feel like a new person after my massages and enjoy the two hour sessions with the essential oils she uses. Stacey is always great to fit me last minute, I feel very cared for. If you want to find out what it’s like to be in seventh heaven, you must try her Lomi Lomi Massage. Stacey is trained in many areas and brings all her techniques to her sessions. I highly recommend her sessions, you won't be disappointed.   




Jaymie Thurlern - Riceville

My name is Jaymie and I am a Social worker currently working with human trafficking survivors. My job is very emotionally demanding and accessing Stacey's healing Centre has been an active part of my self-care regiment. My first time attending the Centre, from being met with a warm and loving embrace, to entering her beautiful wellness Centre, I knew this would be my space to heal. Stacey is constantly introducing new aspects to our yoga practices that empower self-discovery and she teach us tools to bring our practice home into our daily lives. Her yoga classes are balanced in flexibility, strength and relaxation. A balance that proves she is a true master of her craft. The peace Stacey can induce from her massage and aromatherapy sessions, without a doubt allow me to enter my work space and my daily home life with much more peace and patience. I am so happy to have met her and grateful for the healing and self-care I can continue to do through the masterpiece, which is her healing Centre.


Tory - Brantford

I frequently use massage, chiropractic care and osteopath because I have a very stressful jobas a Child Protection Worker. I really appreciate Stacey‘s massages, they are uniique as she uses many modalities and essential oils. Her masaages are a delightful blend of deep tissue work with her relaxed lomi-lomi techniques. She flows in her sessions and incoropertaes her forearms and elbows to get at my deep aches. I live and work six hours away from her, but anytime I’m in the Ottawa area I always book a two hour session with her for my well being. I have use many practitioners and Stacey remains my ultimate favorite for relief of my aches and pains and for a feeling of being very cared for. She uses heated blankets and warm towels and really tunes in to what you need, such a great feeling. Always a pleasure, I highly recommend her.  


Michelle Jones - Lefaivre 

I've been a student and client with Stacey for over ten years. She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. I leave her yoga classes in complete bliss. My mind is clear, my thoughts are calm, and my body is relaxed. I'm always looking forward to her next class and what she'll offer. Her teachings help me on a day to day basis. I only see Stacey for massage as she gives a great deep tissue massage paired with deep relaxation. Her massages give you the best feeling in the world and her touch is very soothing and therapeutic. Thank you for all that you do and all the serenity that you bring to my mind and body.



Isabel and Don Kinnear - Prescott Russel 

My husband Don, my two grandchildren and I have received massages from Stacey for over seven years now. She provides deep and gentle massage as you require or request and I enjoy her blends of essential oils. You feel relaxed and regenerated. I also started out in her yoga classes which helped me stretch and relax. She covers a lot in her classes and you leave feeling relaxed. Give Stacey a call, you will benefit from her care.


Tina Petrovicz - Rockland

Over the years I have had numerous massages by Stacey. Some where for stress, some for overworked muscles and on few occasions some for injuries. Stacey not only took the time to figure out my body’s exact problems, she demonstrated her vast depth of knowledge in working out those problems. She is one of the best message therapists I have had. My daughter and I also took stacey's yoga classes. It was amazing exercises and relaxation. The classes were warm and often funny. Stacey was very good about making sure that her students did the poses right to avoid injury and would suggest easier versions of a pose for her less advanced or senior students. Everyone was able to participate to their abilities. She is a great teacher and RMT.


Quentin Hill - Ontario

Stacey was an essential part of my long recovery from a life-threatening spinal leak. Her therapeutic massage and healing craniosacral work she provided me, was a significant change for that recovery. She is sharply attuned to the needs of the physical body as well as the individual who is in her hands. I feel great after my sessions and highly recommend her services.





Ed Simon - Ottawa 

I have known Stacey for over five years in the yoga and kirtan community. She is a joy to be with, she is an excellent yoga teacher and leads delightful kirtan gatherings and organizes wonderful community events. It is always a pleasure to spend time with her and to partake in her classes and events. Namaste