Yoga/Wellness/Mindfulness in Schools


Our children are our future. Stacey loves children of all ages and has had the privilege of speaking at many schools around the Ottawa and Prescott area.

Stacey shares Tao, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness with the children.

These teachings and tools help the children have a clearer picture on who they are and are not. That they are not their emotions. They are given examples of how important body language and mindset is and how it not only affects them but those around them.

They enjoy stretching and are taught the importance of caring for their body and mind,

With Tao and Mediation techniques, they can learn to focus, calm themselves, have clarity, inner peace and feel their energy body.

Children are sponges and they mimic us, so we need to set that example and show the way.

In today’s society they are over stimulated, underactive, their diets lack nutrients and nourishing food that properly fuels them. Instead many of their food choices make them hyper, then sluggish, moody, irritated and unmotivated.

Stacey makes her classes fun and interactive and the children can see and feel the benefits of what she is sharing.

Contact Stacey directly to make arrangements to have her come in and teach the students and teachers at your school.