What is Yoga…

Yoga is an ancient, life long practice, a way of life which was birthed over 5000 years ago. Many Rishis, Seers, Avatars and Sages gifted us this wisdom, yoga, which is said to have come from deep states of meditation. Yoga is a science of many paths. You are the scientist and your body, mind, spirit and life is what is being studied, explored. You explore through heart based living, not through studying, analyzing and your analytical mind. Through your individual, personal experiences, this is where wisdom, truth and a connection with your true self and the Infinite Intelligence is experienced.

Most of us feel there is a creative force that is greater than us but we can't come to know it and yet, many deeply desire this eternal, unconditional love connection. Many ask why they are here, what's the purpose of their life, is there a God, who am I really, how can I find peace, happiness and end suffering. Yoga is a vehicle to explore yourself and existence, you choose which direction you go and which path you take.

Yoga has many paths and branches and offers a variety of physical, mental and spiritual exercises to help the body, mind and spirit. Exploring many creates balance and union. When most pour their energy outwardly in many different ways, yoga shows us how to quietly go within. "The quieter you become, the more you can hear" Ram Dass. Yoga teaches us that, everything we are searching for is within and we experience that by focusing our energy in, not out. Yoga asks us to focus on ourself and to cultivate a yoga or spiritual practice so we may be our best possible self which ripples out and touches the whole world.

Yoga guides us to our inner temple and creates space for stillness, silence and inner reflection. Yoga eventually reverses the outflow of energy and consciousness so that you become the dynamic centre. With a regular practice we become in-tune with our body, mind and all that is in existence. The restlessness in our body and constant chattering in our mind drains our energy and focus. With yoga, the body is relaxed, our mind is calm and this is when we can truly begin to know our true self, awaken to our full potential and live a life on purpose.