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A Place to Unwind and Journey Within

Transform. Awaken. Live on Purpose.




 Are you searching for that tribe with the right vibe? Are you looking for unity through community? Do you want to connect with amazing, open hearted, like minded, passionate people? Do you love and want to explore True Yoga and all that yoga has to offer? Are you looking for transformation, wellness, happiness and adventure? Look no further, you have arrived.

Stacey is gifted at creating Retreats, Courses, Coaching and Community Gatherings that are tailored for you. Come explore the avenues to Awakening to True Self and Living On Purpose.


The name Yogalaya, pronounced Yoga-lie-ah, was gifted to Stacey by her Spiritual Teacher, Gurumatha Amma. Yogalaya translates to, Yoga Temple. What a precious name and one that deeply resonates with her. Stacey, from a young age was often found saying that her body was a Temple and she had to be mindful of how she acted, of what she thought, said, and took into her body, because we literally become that.

To date, this is a big part of her teachings. Although there are many benefits, we don’t need a physical church, mosque or temple, we are it. The body houses the soul. The body and mind are bridges, pathways, doors to exploring and knowing our higher self and Source. Yogalaya shows the way of a devotional life practice that worships, respects and nurtures your temple, your abode for Divinity.


Yogalaya's mission is to create a gathering space for heart-based community living. A space for wholeness, wellness, spiritual exploration and growth. A sacred space for exploring ancient teachings and a place to raise up the earths healing vibrations. Just as a Divine Mother loves and embraces all, at Yogalaya, all are welcomed. We are one big, happy global family. Together we shall sow seeds of unconditional love, cultivate trust and unity and reap joy through the quality moments we experience and share. Breathe. Love All. Oneness.



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