Yogalaya is on the search for a new home-space, a one stop wellness shop. A space that caters to all your wellness needs. Until then, Yogalaya is in multiple locations in the Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding areas. You can book an in clinic massage at: Physio Casselman, in Ottawa, Chelsea and in Wakefield at the Gaia Wellness Retreat.

Yogalaya translates to Yoga-Temple. Although there are many benefits, such as community, we don’t need a physical church, mosque or temple, as we are the Temple.

So essentially, no fixed address is needed. Yoga and Wellness are already in you. You even have your own personal pharmacy ready and waiting at all times.

Yogalaya teaches you to care for your Temple. What we share is more a way of life and not just some-thing you do when you have time or when it’s convenient.

You are guided to Wellness and you naturally make Yoga and Wellness an integral part of your life, moment to moment. On and off your mat, it is the way you chose to live.

Yogalaya focuses on bringing Yoga and Wellness to you with: Mobile Massage, Mobile Wellness, Corporate Yoga-Wellness, Hire a Yogi, Palliative and Chronic Illness Care.

We offer Retreats, Workshops and Events.

You can invite us to your events, retreats, friend and family gatherings and we’ll bring the touch of Yoga and Wellness.

Got questions, give us a call or send us an email, we’ll be happy to have a heart to heart conversation on how we can be of service to you.