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Lotus Rising Goddess Retreat in Guatemala

  • Retreat is in Guatemala (map)

Goddesses Unite… Join Stacey L.A. Sinclair at a unique and magical retreat centre in Guatemala. This retreat has been custom designed for you to tune into your Goddess energy, your creativity, passion, intimacy, and to explore authentic tantra.

We’ll indulge in daily yoga and meditation. We’ll explore the local area and go on an adventure with an excursion. We’ll play, discuss the importance of intimacy and what it is and how it is needed for all types of relationships. We’ll explore what we are passionate about. We’ll have lovely heart connected conversations of how we are blessed to be Goddesses and how we can own our Divine Feminine Energy.

Stacey L.A. Sinclair is blazing a trail around the world sharing a message of Universal Love, Self Love, and Wellness as she teaches and shares True Yoga, all it’s paths and branches and that there is something for everyone, just give yoga a try and watch your life transform.

Stacey is all about community, unity, Oneness and helping people to love their life, how to thrive versus just survive, how to follow their passions and live a life on purpose.

There is a lot of confusion that the West has created around Tantra and what intimacy in general is and we will explore this.

We will also explore how to tap into your Feminine Goddess energy, how sex and intimacy can be a beautiful pathway to knowing yourself, your lover and Source in a profound way.

Sexually, many focus on the climax and the rush in for the end result in mind and miss the whole thing, being present and connected with the one you love.

The climax is not the most important thing sexually and really it is not even needed each time you connect. Great sex is all about the trust, vulnerability, connection, intimacy, playfulness and the journey you experience, this is the pathway to meaningful moments and a pathway to pure bliss.

Come enjoy a week in paradise with fellow sisters, Goddesses and through unity we’ll have a tantalizing time exploring an array of intimate topics.

Much Love and Light, Namaste.