What is intimacy and why is it so important. Intimacy is how comfortable we are with our self, in our own skin and how present we are with others. Deep down we all long for meaningful connections with our friends, children, family, our spouse and with Source. We all want to been seen, heard, understood, and explored. We want someone to really get us, to know us inside and out, to connect with the real and authentic, true expression of who we are at our very core.

Intimacy explores many areas. To be intimate we need to trust, offer warmth, be vulnerable, have an openness and be completely present. We long for touch and wither and die without it. We don’t want just any touch. We desire a touch that caresses our every curve, that notices what makes us beautiful, inside and out, what makes us unique and a touch that can literally make us feel alive. A touch that says I care, I am here, I respect you, I love you and I am connecting with you.

We can experience intimacy through our senses. Through eye contact and gazing into the windows of the soul, so we are seen but we are also witnessing. Through sound, with a pleasant voice that offers meaningful conversations and loving, endearing words. Through touch, being cradled in someones arm, wrapped up in a hug, brushing someones hair, this speaks, I feel you and I want you to feel. Through smell, taking in those pleasant aromas and connecting with another pheromones is such a sweet delight. Through taste, our tongue has many tastes it can enjoy, this variety offer us a buffet to explore.

A 75 year study on men which is still presently going on revealed, that healthy relationships lead to a happy healthier people, that have a healthier brain and a longer life expectancy. Intimacy in my opinion is a key piece to having meaningful relationships.

At a time when we long so much to connect and to to be noticed, most feel alone, lost in sea of technology junkies. The simple act of looking someone in the eyes is becoming rare because so many are looking down at their screens and phones.

Sex is another key piece and many are missing out on this type of intimacy that can really bind couples together. Sex is often rushed and used as a mean to release or control our urges, to reduce stress and to feel good quickly. For many it is a type of release, an addiction.

Sex can be a gateway to connecting very deeply with your self, your spouse and Source. It is a union, a merging of two souls, where they get lost in each other and become one.

If you are interested in exploring how you can bring more intimacy to your relationships, if you desire meaningful connections, a deeper bond with your spouse and a pathway to possibly experiencing the Divine, then this course is for you.