Stacey L.A. Sinclair goes into schools to share yoga with children of all ages. Life growing up for Stacey was quite difficult and she was faced with many types of abuse. From a very young age she naturally learnt to forgive easily and see life challenges and hardships as opportunities for growth.

Because of her personal experiences, this enables her to connect more and to be able to relate on some levels with the difficulties many children and youth are facing. Children and Youth trust opening up and listen to her because she in some way has walked a similar path and speaks from the heart.

With what ever hardship people and life throws at us, we can choose to remain a victim and caught in vicious cycles or we can develop tools and a mindset that no matter what happens, we are prepared.

Once we are well equipped, we can then move at a quicker pace through our challenges with a knowing that, yes it’s difficult, yes it may hurt and be crazy hard, but I am going to come out stronger and with a new life lesson in my pocket. Attitude and mindset is key.

It is not only adults that are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts and trying to fit in. Many children are dealing with some form of abuse and bullying. They are faced with peer pressures, lots of responsibility and a lack of connection at home. Many youth are left at home to care for themselves, which often leads to trouble. Out of this empty feeling and to mask over their confusion and pain, they will explore sex, drugs, alcohol, and many other harmful habits. They’ll waste their life away, lost in technology land on social media, their phones, TV and video games.

They desire connection. They want to fit in, and be loved and cared for. They long for a supporting and nurturing home.

Our children lack disciple, focus, morals and respect. Their energy is either through the roof or they have checked out in life because they feel so scattered, neglected, lost and abandoned trying to figure life out on their own.

Many suffer from self esteem issues and have a very harsh and negative mindset towards themselves, others and life in general.

In school, children are not given the freedom for expression and it is my belief that out children are our greatest teachers. They are made to conform, obey and they are forced in a one size fits all box which does not allow for individuality.

In school many important life necessary skills are left out like, communication, strategies for dealing with stress and hardship. Nutrition, the importance of exercise, movement, the importance of taking time to be in nature, and time to reflect and learn more about themselves is rarely spoken of. They need to learn what makes them unique, and what their gifts and passions are. They need to learn how to share, care, connect, give to others and not be so “I” focused. They need guidance on how to care and connect with their body, mind and soul for inner peace, happiness and wellness.

They should also have the freedom to explore spirituality, what is out there in the universe and to see what resonates with them. Many parents have this idea of who they want their child to be or what is best for them, what they should and shouldn’t do and in my opinion, giving our children space to explore many things in life helps foster a well rounded person who is in tune with choosing what they most enjoy and what serves them.

This course will cover many aspect of what is need for happiness, wellness, and dealing with all sorts of struggles. Many tools and techniques will be shared so they can tune into their strengths, gain self confidence and so they can explore who they are. They will explore ways to gain clarity, focus, and how they can experience, control and change their energy. They can tune into that calm, relaxed energy or they can harness their energy which can be put to good use.

We will go over morals, values and how they can become a watcher of their thoughts and emotions that are constantly changing and how they are not their thoughts and emotions. By witnessing, they become calmer and not so reactive. They develop a sense of control versus their thoughts and emotions controlling them.

Our children are our future and I think investing on helping them get the tools they need so they can be their best possible self it such a gift to them and our future. Help them realise how amazing they are. Help them to love who they are. Help them to develop the technique and strategies so they not only get through life, but they love life and contribute greatly to life and those they connect with.