What is a Goddess Essence? A Goddess is one who embraces so many qualities that make her stand apart and stand proudly in who she is as a woman. A Goddess is in tune with her feminine attributes, gifts, natural beauty and she is not afraid to let them shine.

A Goddess is a fierce tigress energy. She also embraces that mysterious, fairy like, whimsical essence. She freely gives space for her spirit to soar. She is wild, free, and untamed.

By day she can be seen riding around on her unicorn, exploring, dancing, playing, and by night she is at home embracing and loyally, loving her family.

Goddesses are Divine Feminine energy. They carry life, birth life and nurture life, such a sweet blessing they are.

Goddesses are so bold, strong, brave, fearless, they are natural born Leaders and they are Peaceful Warriors. They bring community together and they stand for the change they want to see in the world. Their strength comes from their compassion, gentleness, their understanding, forgiveness and their open ability to love greatly.

Their smile lights up the world, their laughter infuses happiness, their gentleness and grace offer comfort and their femininity shines bright like a diamond. Their radiant light beckons others to rise up and their sweet rays remind us that this feminine energy resides in us all.

If you want to step into your feminine, Goddess energy, if you want to explore what gifts as a woman you have to share with others and the world, then this course is for you.