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3 Day Life Transforming Course with Gurumatha Amma

  • 5801 Old Richmond Road Ottawa, ON, K0A 2Z0 Canada (map)

3 Day Life Transforming Course with Gurumatha Amma, August 4-6, West Ottawa

Divine Mother, Gurumatha Amma is an embodiment of love. She is a rare, precious gem. A self realized soul who constantly gives unconditionally so we can awaken to our highest self, come to know truth and live our life on purpose. Her grace and presence can be felt as soon as you meet her. Amma is a light, she is a pointer, a guide to your way.

Amma resides in India at The Sridhara Sri Gudda Center of Self Realization, a beautiful Temple and Ashram where students from all around the world visit and stay to deepen their yoga and spiritual practice.

In 2019, Amma will travel to Kenya, Ottawa, Montreal, Dallas and California. She will offer a 3 Day Life Transforming Course which blends ancient teachings from several yogic scriptures from the East which have been simplified and made practical for the West. 

Amma will touch on True Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama or Breathing Techniques, Chakras and Spirituality. She shares principles and techniques to make life simple, beautiful and enjoyable.

She shares the benefits to why we need a Guru, and a yoga practice in such a busy, modern time. She shares how yoga helps to untangle us and how it unities the body, mind and spirit. Amma teaches that life is meant to explore, that we are meant to be happy and that we should laugh often and love our life.

Please note, with Guru, nothing is ever set in stone. Amma flows moment to moment and doesn’t work with a fixed, rigid schedule and content may change at any moment. Amma feels into what each individual student and the group as a whole needs. Rest assured, no matter what she offers, you will leave with many great experiences and techniques that will enhance your well-being and life.

Come dance, sing, and laugh. Come stretch, learn, un-learn, grow and unfold. Come enjoy nature as you nurture your soul. Come connect in community. Come experience, your life will never be the same. 


$250 for course. Please don’t let money be a barrier. Amma wants you to experience her teachings, so together we’ll make it happen.

Please bring your own food and snacks and there will be an opportunity to co-purchase food, prep it and share it. This communal cooking is one of my favorite pieces when we gather.

Lodging is available if needed. You must bring your own bedding and sleeping bag and it will be a communal sleeping arrangement. Otherwise a hotel or your home if close by is also an option. We have gone with this option to keep cost low to make it affordable for all.

There will be free morning yoga usually from 5-7 and a daily Satsang in the afternoon which is open to all. Donations are not necessary but graciously accepted if you feel inclined to and if you are not registered in the 3 Day Course. 

August 3rd Amma will join at Awaken Ottawa, 1111 Bank St for Kirtan & Discourse from 6-9 p.m. Suggested donation is $20.

August 4-6 is the 3 Day Life Transforming Course and we open with a welcoming gathering the morning of. Cost is $250.

August 7 at Britannia Beach is Yoga, Meditation and Discourse from 9-12. If it is raining our backup location will be Awaken Ottawa or Surround Circle Yoga, check event page or contact me if you are unsure. Please bring a lunch or potluck dish to share for a brunch gathering afterwards. All vegetarian or vegan please. Suggested donation is $20.

August 7 at Surround Circle Yoga Amma will meet babies, tots and parents. She offers her blessings and teachings for your children’s wellness, growth and so they may blossom into their best possible self.

Visit for more of Gurumatha Amma’s teachings, videos, past monthly full moon calls and more of her Divine Teachings.

Much Love, Light and Peace for all. See you there, Namaste.