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Week-End of Silence

  • Yogalaya 3331 County Road 16 Riceville, Ontario Canada (map)

Join us for a week-end of silence, yoga, meditation and kirtan. We will also prepare for the silence by doing gentle cleansing and fasting which starts the week before the silence and continues during the weekend. 

This is a special time to quiet the mind, gain clarity, take time for reflection and connecting with you Inner Guru. Making time for silence is very transformational. Everything we are searching for is within. For most, our focus and energy is outward. A week-end of silence is making space to explore the subtle, to enjoy the simplicity and to enjoy the letting go of the busy mind.

Many feel restored, energized, light, refreshed and clear after a Silence weekend. You come to realize how much energy a busy mind takes and how a busy mind distracts us. You'll also feel how a clean diet plays a role in our thought and energy.

What to expect? You will be provided a space for silence. There will be no technology, no talking, reading and very little eye contact so our mind doesn't become influenced. There will be some yogic music played, time to explore kirtan, singing, dancing, journaling, group activities and plenty of time to connect with nature. There is also the option for you to do seva, help with meal preparation and clean up. We are creating a space for as little distraction as possible and where we can leave the world behind and focus on our self, so please honour that for yourself and others.

We will carry out our day as usual, but in silence. We will make time to sing, to connect in bhajans as this is a branch of mediation and through singing we connect with our higher self and experience pure bliss. 

During yoga and meals, please give space, enjoy the silence and use little eye and body connection as possible. The intent here is for you to journey inward. Enjoy the time to watch yourself and everything around you.

We don't suppress or try to stop thinking, we watch in a silent, still and non-judgmental way while connecting deeply with our breath, our life force.  

We take time for walks, star gazing, connecting with nature. Time to savour and appreciate our nourishing meals and time to practice restorative and a yin styled yoga practice. We focus on mindfulness and there's plenty of time for meditation. In silence, there's plenty of opportunity to be in the moment, the now, to be present.   

I am inviting a special guest, Danielle Brooks Ph. D who is a Sound Alchemist, Teacher & Light-Language Healer, she sings Creation codes that realign you with your Divine truth and authentic power. Her songs that she channels, recalibrates DNA, release trauma and spark sacred remembering, she must be experienced.

Cost is $300. This which includes your lodging, pre-fasting guidelines, food, activities and a donation to our special guest, Danielle. We need a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of ten students to host this silence weekend.

"The quieter you become, the more you hear". Ram Dass


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