Mobile Wellness

Customized Wellness Packages delivered to your home. A holistic approach.




Stacey L.A. Sinclair, RMT, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher, offers Wellness Packages in the comfort of your home.

These are unique Wellness Packages tailored to your needs and goals. Spaces are limited and fill quickly. You are requested to commit to a three month commitment for optimal benefits and results.

Stacey will visit your home once a week to offer either a two and a half hour or four hour customized care package.

Your sessions can include Massage and many types of healing modalities: Swedish RMT, Hawaiian Massage, Relaxing and/or a blend of Therapeutic Massage. Reiki, Cranisacral, SomatoEmotional Release, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mindset and Tao Teachings.

Stacey will guide you to your own personalized Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Music, Tao, Stretching and Strengthening Program and she’ll go over what makes up Wellness.

The Wellness portion looks at the many areas that make up Wellness such as: Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Intellectual, Nutrition, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Living a Life you Love and Living a Life on Purpose. With each area we go deeper into what each category covers.

Wellness is looked at as a whole and if certain areas are neglected and not in balance, then this creates dis-ease and the body-mind-soul will suffer.

Who can benefit from Mobile Wellness? Anyone who want to thrive vs barely get by. Anyone who struggles with health, wellness and nutrition.

Stacey is also called to work with cancer patients, seniors and those who are palliative and transitioning. For those who are battling some form of an illness, let Stacey help so you can feel better. Let her help you face any struggles, fears and for those who are transitioning, Stacey helps them find peace and acceptance in that journey. Let comfort, ease and wellness come to you.

Zen Stacey is very empathetic, compassionate and as soon as she arrives, you feel at ease and relaxed. You are given the best care she can offer, you are treated like a loved one, like family.

Stacey is trained in many modalities and she blends them to offer a very unique treatment that her clients greatly appreciate and make her stand out. She brings a little piece of heaven to your doorstep.

Invest today for tomorrow’s health. Don’t wait until your health demands change, take action today.

With each visit, she brings all that is need to create a relaxing ambiance and to soothe your body and mind. Enjoy warm towels and a heated table warmer. Wrap yourself in comfy blankets, enjoy essential oil blends, crystals, candles, and a tranquil and unique playlist that will soothe you.

Stacey travels with her supplements and a few wellness tools she suggest to almost each client. These wellness suggestions are extra and she will be happy to explain the benefits for those who are interested.

Stacey is all about educating her clients on Wellness and Self Care. Having others take care of us is very soothing and nurturing, but having the skills to care for yourself, day to day is empowering. We know best what we need, let me teach you that.

All prices include HST and a receipt will be provided. Stacey travels within a 50 km distance. For those who are further, an extra fuel charge will apply. Stacey will arrive 10-15 minutes early for your treatment so she can set up, go over any paperwork and discus your wellness goals. Please provide at least 24 hours notice if your session has to be changed or canceled so we have the opportunity to offer that space to another. For appointments that are missed a $50 no show charge will apply.

Thank You and Be Well